clomid, pregnancy, trying to concieve

Clomid Round One

So I have my Clomid 50mg safely tucked away in my draw and the waiting game begins…. over the past year have I never wanted my period to come so much so I could start my course of tablets.

Saturday 3rd February 2018 af has made her appearance 🙌🏼

Me and James had decided to take 50mg on cd 2-6. We read that on theses days you produce more eggs but that they are less mature. It didn’t make much difference to us we just wanted to see if I was ovulating.

I took my Clomid tablet at 9.30pm every night before bed so I could sleep through any of these side effects I’d been reading up on. I did suffer with mild headaches and twinges in my ovaries not sure if it’s related to the Clomid or the fact I get up at 3.30am to go to work and can be very tired.

Anyway… cd 2-6 Clomid tablets taken now to wait till cd 10 to start testing for ovulation.

• fingers crossed •

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