Hello & Welcome

Hello, wow I’ve finally gone and done it!! Started my first ever blog… so many scary feelings right now but here I am 😊

As you will have gathered I’m Rebecca, hey to every single one of you reading this, I really do appreciate it.

So… I’m 32 years old. I have a partner James, who is 22. I know this may shock a lot of you but he is everything I have ever dreamed of! He totally is my best friend and I would be lost without him. (Anyway age is just a number, right?)

We also have a 12 year old son Reece… our soon to be teenager. God help us!!

we also have a big fluffy cat called Betty and a Yorkshire terrier called Giroud. I can guarantee there will be posts all over of our fur babies so will introduce them now.

We have just returned from living in Spain for the past 6 months to start our new lives in Scotland.

I will blog everything going on in our lives… including the main thing on our minds right now, which I would love to share my experiences, stories and chat with others about and that is the hopeful miracle baby we are trying for. Fingers crossed for 2018

• Good night for now •

10 thoughts on “Hello & Welcome”

  1. Hi Rebecca. I, too have a little boy named Rhys it’s just spelled the welsh way. He is our first and only so far and will be 5 months on the 25th. He is our little blessing/ miracle baby. My husband and I went through in vitro to have him. I can relate to all of your worry and stress about when the day will come and if everything you are going through will work. Good luck on your journey! I hope it’s successful!

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