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If at first you don’t succeed

Beginning of February 2017 me and James decided it was the perfect time for us to try for a little baby of our own 💕

Only to realise the stress, tears, upset and frustration it was going to put upon us!

As I’m getting that little bit older I knew the best way would be to download an app and follow my menstrual cycle and look for ovulation to help.

So here goes to the next few months.

The first couple of months we never really thought much about it and just enjoyed each other’s quality time.

May 2017 we had a positive pregnancy test, we actually couldn’t believe our eyes and decided to wait a few more days before testing again only for af to come with a vengeance!

Not to worry too much we weren’t 100% sure it was a positive so we will carry on what we were doing and see what next month brings us.

September 2017 we were in Spain enjoying our new life in the sun and i started with all the pregnancy symptoms, I was sick a lot, sleeping through the day, getting bloated, eating way too much. I was convinced I was pregnant…. but no af decided to show 2.5 weeks late!!!

Then we started noticing every month we would feel disheartened when af decided to show… and quite regularly not at the times she should have!

Yes my periods became irregular giving us all these false hopes of been late and thinking I was pregnant.

Unsure if I was even ovulating we started researching online and reading every article and blog about Clomid and how it’s helps with ovulation.

We are now one year on from trying to conceive and starting our first round of Clomid

• baby dust to everyone in the same position •

1 thought on “If at first you don’t succeed”

  1. I really hope you are seeing a doctor and doing this treatment through one and is properly monitored..

    Please tell me you are..

    I want you to have your miracle baby…

    But.. I don’t want you to ruin your chances….


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