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Fertility app & temp chart

Not sure how many of you make a note of your temp each day?! I’ve only just started this month and it is confusing….

ok so it says to do it at the same time each day, which is difficult for me as I’m up at different times each day for work. I have however been trying to do it at around the same time (ish)

So every morning after my longest sleep, as soon as I wake up (as recommended) I hold the thermometer in my mouth and wait for the beep….

below I will post my first chart (February) which I am currently still trying to do.

Ok so there it is… weird right?

All my nights spent awake researching on how it’s meant to look an I’m still confused?

Am I right in believing your temp goes up during ovulation? Or not? As the past 2 days I have positive opks, but as you can see my chart is up and down!!

Anybody with any help would be much appreciated 🙏🏼

• this temp thing got me all confused •

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