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Ovulation tests

Cd 10 has arrived… yeyyyy

12-02-18 did my first ovulation test in the morning • negative •

That’s ok not to worry. My fertility apps says I’m not due to ovulate till 20-02-18 anyway.

12-02-18 took 2 ovulation tests one am & pm both results • negative •

I’m using these little Lh strips I ordered off eBay. Think I got about 50 for £2…. bargain, figured it would be best to get plenty as I knew I would be testing loads.

Cd 12 14-02-18 (Valentine’s Day)

Tested again in the morning • negative • then in the evening… it was only • positive • I literally couldn’t believe my eyes!

James’s face lit up like a kid at Christmas bless him… so he was adamant that I took another test but on the clearblue digital. This is the test that shows you exactly your 2 most fertile days… so if no Lh surge is detected there is an empty circle and if there is Lh detected it comes up with a smiley face.

Well here goes…..

Ahhhhhh… exciting times!!!

I’m ovulating 😊 & on Valentine’s Day ❤️

Next day

Cd 13 15-02-18 did another 2 tests in the morning both • positive • and another digital which was again a big smiley face.

I know i properly didn’t need to take another one but I just couldn’t believe I was ovulating!

So now over the next 24-48 hours we spent lots of quality time together!

The only thing that is confusing me is…. it’s only cd 12 and I’m ovulating. Which to me seems very early!! I am in the process and reading on the blogs I follow and sites I use to see if anybody is in the same position and I will keep you updated.

• happy Friday •

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