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Ovulation update

Happy Saturday….

Just a quick update before I head off to work.

Got in from work last night and did a ovulation test at around 11.45pm which came back • negative •

This has give me so much hope after getting positives for 2 days… so it looks like I ovulated cd 12-13 😊

Couldn’t bd last night as the pains in my tummy were ridiculous!!! Fingers crossed we didn’t miss an important day.

Pains are still there this morning, but nothing compared to yesterday… I’m going to take it that they are ovulation pains and keep thinking positive.

• hate working weekends •

3 thoughts on “Ovulation update”

  1. I am not seeing anything notes on doctor visits…
    and ultrasound and monitoring from you doctor…

    Please if you are doing this by yourselves…
    go see your doctor now..

    You could develop issues like a cyst and come up with other medical complications…

    Your discomfort should be monitored.. and you should always check in with your doctor about your symptoms…

    This is not DIY treatment


  2. That’s right your not seeing anything on doctors notes as for me that is a very private and confidential part of our story! This blog was simply to help other people who are taking clomid and sharing my symptoms etc. I don’t feel I need to upload all my personal notes, scans, charts etc for the world to see. Like I’ve said I’m simply letting women know my story of how it is effecting my body and there to support anybody who wants to connect with me.
    Have a nice weekend 😊

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  3. Oooh 😯..
    👌 Okay…

    I was just concerned 😦 with your severity of symptoms and discomfort..!!!

    But I do understand..
    you can mention seeing your doctor without disclosing any information on your visit..

    I went through all your posts and didn’t see you mention dr.
    And you said you research it and decided to use it..
    So sorry 😐 for drawing the conclusions

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