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All I want is to stay in bed!!

Hello… hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

I have been kind of quiet on here over the past couple of days as I feel very ill 😷

Today I am currently cd 22 – 9dpo.

My symptoms seem to be getting worse and worse. My boobs are still extremely sore which I can kind of handle by making myself comfortable.

For the past 2 days I’ve been having this weird feeling near my belly button which seems to have disappeared now but the pains in my left ovary are back… it’s comes and goes and noticed when I’m reaching up are work to get a box of the top shelves I can feel it!

But… the worst symptom is the sickness!! I have only been sick once it was around teatime on Thursday night. But this feeling of sickness is driving me insane, it comes and goes all day everyday. I’m fine one minute than the next it feels like I need to be sick, I have to keep swallowing because my throat feels awful.

The last thing is how cold I feel. As soon as I get in from work all I want to do is get into bed sleep. When James comes to pick me up from work he even brings my hot water bottle because he knows I will be freezing.

Unsure if I’m coming down with a bug or if this is side effects of clomid?!

Also a bad back… Af is due in 5 days so hoping she will relieve some symptoms when she comes.

I’d love it if you ladies got in touch and told me your symptoms while taking clomid. Its very interesting to share stories and help and support each other 😊

I’m not moaning… honest

• currently sat in bed feeling sorry for myself •