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Jumping to conclusions!!

After a few comments I’ve received over the past week I would just like to clear a few things up with all you lovely followers 😊

YES is the answer to your question I am under the supervision of my doctor and gynaecologist and had had all the care I need throughout my first cycle of clomid as I was prescribed it from them.

We did our research of the medicine online and talking to medical professionals as I’m very weary of taking tablets that are quite strong on your body.

The reason i havnt disclosed any of my medical appointments on my blog as I feel that is quite personal to us….

also my whole point of doing this blog was to share my symptoms and how my cycles worked while using clomid, and for couples ttc can talk and chat to each other for support.

Thank you for all your concern, I find it quite disheartening when people jump to conclusions. We are in the same boat as many other couples and thought sharing our experiences with others would help!

Anyway I’m not going to let a few comments ruin our future 🙋🏽‍♀️

Thank you to you all for your support

• Take the good with the bad •