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Parental vitamins

Never in my life have I taken so many tablets in one day!! Ok so it may only be 3 but I hate taking tablets and I know vitamins are good for you but it never really crossed my mind till we started trying for a baby.

I’m just going to give you a little insight into what vitamins a take each day… without too much detail to bore you but hopefully enough to help you 😊

So as you all know and will already be taking is the daily dosage of folic acid (400) you also need to carry on taking this up until the 12th week of pregnancy.

Everytime we go food shopping I drag James round the baby clothes section and the pregnancy test isle 🙈 we came across these conception duo support for him and her…

in the tablet I take there is iron, zinc all the good vitamins plus folic acid (so I’m getting double dose) hopefully that will help!

James’s tablet includes pretty much the same ingredients as mine

And the last one I take which I have just recently started taking is L-arginine.

I follow this lovely lady on you-tube who suggested this! I had never heard about it but she was taking clomid and on her scan at the hospital doctors said her uterine lining was thin so she came across this which doubled the thickness and she is now having a healthy pregnancy ☺️

Not sure 100% if this is proven to work it but can’t hurt to try.

I take all my tablets together at night with my dinner.

• 4 days past ovulation today. Keep thinking positive ladies •

bloated, clomid, pregnancy, trying to concieve

Ovulation update

Happy Saturday….

Just a quick update before I head off to work.

Got in from work last night and did a ovulation test at around 11.45pm which came back • negative •

This has give me so much hope after getting positives for 2 days… so it looks like I ovulated cd 12-13 😊

Couldn’t bd last night as the pains in my tummy were ridiculous!!! Fingers crossed we didn’t miss an important day.

Pains are still there this morning, but nothing compared to yesterday… I’m going to take it that they are ovulation pains and keep thinking positive.

• hate working weekends •

bloated, clomid, pregnancy, trying to concieve

Feeling the pressure

Only I could turn up to work 45 mins early!

This is down to us moving to a new area and me not up to date with public transport. I got a takeaway coffee and took a steady (very steady) walk to the bus stop only minutes later the bus turned up and it takes 15 minutes quicker to get here than to get home!!! Arrrggggggghhhh!

So here I am sat in Costa with yet another coffee, I will be bouncing off the walls at work… or maybe not because today I feel horrendous!

Cd 14 and I look and feel 5 months pregnant… a girl can wish ey!!!

Not sure if this is due to the clomid or ovulation but the pressure downstairs is unbearable. I look like a whale and I’m walking like a duck!!

…. and I’m at work till 11.30 tonight!!

I’m counting down the hours till James collects me from work and I can snuggle up to him and do his head in by complying every 2 minutes. Hoping and praying that this is some weird ovulation pain and my eggs will be all ready and mature to make a miracle baby ❤️

Pretty attractive hey….. but let’s not get down about it. We will do everything in our power to conceive a child.

If that means me feeling and looking like a puffer fish then so be it.

Please message me if anybody else has experienced this, I would love to share stories.

• enjoy your weekend •