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Af 1 day late….

Good morning guys, hope anybody who has the bad snow #beastfromtheeast is safe & well. We are still stuck at home 3rd day running now.

So we are 1 day late…. did a pregnancy test first thing this morning and it was negative!!

I’m not at all surprised, this is normal for us so shouldn’t get my hopes up!!

But I have been feeling every symptom of early pregnancy?!

So my boobs are still tender but like I’ve said I’m used to that, they do feel different though like more fuller!

Also…. pains in my right ovary for the past 3-4 days, we popped to Tesco on Wednesday to grab some essentials and I literally dropped with pain. I ended up leaning inside a fridge crying my eyes out. How embarrassing for James & Reece bless them!!

The sickness still comes and goes in waves, I can’t eat a full meal. I feel so bad james made a lovely curry last night which is one of my favourites and I didn’t even eat it… sorry babe 😘

I’m tired, more tired than usual.

I swear clomid plays with your body so badly. The things us women have to go through haha.

On a better note I can wait for af to show now and we can start round 2…. yeyyyyy!

After a recent doctors visit we decided together that we are going to try different cycle days this time. Cd 3 – 7 the doctor said that you produce less eggs on these days but they are more mature so should help us 🤞🏽🤞🏽

I will keep you updated when she arrives and we can do the journey all over again 😊

• Thank you for your continues support •