love life partners forever

My James ❤️

They say you know when you meet the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with… & I have never understood what that meant until the day I first set eyes on James.

It was the beginning of the year February time and I had decided I needed to shed some pounds before the summer, I came across a boot camp class at our local squash club so decided what did I have to loose!

When arriving for my first class there was quite a good group of women attending so I felt at ease… until the trainer walked round the corner and my tummy.. my god it started turning, spinning filling with butterflies doing everything it had never done before in my life!!!

And there he was… the man that I had been waiting for. The person that god had put on this earth for me to find. Rumour has it everyone has somebody that is there match and I had just found mine through my own eyes!

I became so nervous, scared, shy! This wasn’t like me at all, I have always worked with members of the public all my life and nothing bothered me till now. Anyway I struggled on through the class the whole time I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was just perfect 😍

I carried on attending the classes twice a week without saying anything to anybody. I didn’t know what to think, all I had on my mind was James.

Then one night I received a message from his business page asking how I was feeling and getting on at the classes?! Pretty much a follow up message to all clients! I replied in a jokingly way hoping for a response and we exchanged a few messages. We somehow got on to talking about dancing classes?! Don’t ask me how!!

Then a message popped up on my phone from random number… I opened it and my heart truly skipped a beat! It was him, James! From his personal number asking about these dancing lessons 🤣 I can’t dance, I’m terrible and stuff like that! But I replied in jest & soon realised he was having me on too 😅

And that’s where it all began… we would stay up all night messaging back & forth about everything and anything! Asking how my day had gone etc just generally taking an interest in me and my life. Which meant a lot to me.

I finally plucked up the courage to ask him round to my house to watch a film together and chat and he agreed. Only to realise that he had felt the same way. He said as soon as he set eyes on e he knew I was the one… and we have been inseparable ever since!

I found my Prince Charming & I am never letting him go. He is the most amazing, caring and loving man that anybody could ever wish for & he was put on this earth for me 😊 I am one very lucky lady to have such an inspirational person by my side.

When you find that person you will know straight away. I’m so glad that I found my James and we can now spend the rest of our lives together as best friend and life long partners.

He is my absolute world.

I love you ❤️

• always trust in god •