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Af 1 day late….

Good morning guys, hope anybody who has the bad snow #beastfromtheeast is safe & well. We are still stuck at home 3rd day running now.

So we are 1 day late…. did a pregnancy test first thing this morning and it was negative!!

I’m not at all surprised, this is normal for us so shouldn’t get my hopes up!!

But I have been feeling every symptom of early pregnancy?!

So my boobs are still tender but like I’ve said I’m used to that, they do feel different though like more fuller!

Also…. pains in my right ovary for the past 3-4 days, we popped to Tesco on Wednesday to grab some essentials and I literally dropped with pain. I ended up leaning inside a fridge crying my eyes out. How embarrassing for James & Reece bless them!!

The sickness still comes and goes in waves, I can’t eat a full meal. I feel so bad james made a lovely curry last night which is one of my favourites and I didn’t even eat it… sorry babe 😘

I’m tired, more tired than usual.

I swear clomid plays with your body so badly. The things us women have to go through haha.

On a better note I can wait for af to show now and we can start round 2…. yeyyyyy!

After a recent doctors visit we decided together that we are going to try different cycle days this time. Cd 3 – 7 the doctor said that you produce less eggs on these days but they are more mature so should help us 🤞🏽🤞🏽

I will keep you updated when she arrives and we can do the journey all over again 😊

• Thank you for your continues support •

bloated, clomid, multiple births, pregnancy, trying to concieve, two week wait, tww

All I want is to stay in bed!!

Hello… hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

I have been kind of quiet on here over the past couple of days as I feel very ill 😷

Today I am currently cd 22 – 9dpo.

My symptoms seem to be getting worse and worse. My boobs are still extremely sore which I can kind of handle by making myself comfortable.

For the past 2 days I’ve been having this weird feeling near my belly button which seems to have disappeared now but the pains in my left ovary are back… it’s comes and goes and noticed when I’m reaching up are work to get a box of the top shelves I can feel it!

But… the worst symptom is the sickness!! I have only been sick once it was around teatime on Thursday night. But this feeling of sickness is driving me insane, it comes and goes all day everyday. I’m fine one minute than the next it feels like I need to be sick, I have to keep swallowing because my throat feels awful.

The last thing is how cold I feel. As soon as I get in from work all I want to do is get into bed sleep. When James comes to pick me up from work he even brings my hot water bottle because he knows I will be freezing.

Unsure if I’m coming down with a bug or if this is side effects of clomid?!

Also a bad back… Af is due in 5 days so hoping she will relieve some symptoms when she comes.

I’d love it if you ladies got in touch and told me your symptoms while taking clomid. Its very interesting to share stories and help and support each other 😊

I’m not moaning… honest

• currently sat in bed feeling sorry for myself •

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Keep yourself busy!!

I know your probably thinking yeah right… there’s nothing else on my mind apart from is this month going to be our month?

And you spend all your spare time reading posts on all social media, blogs, app chat rooms, I’m terrible for it! I’m currently on my day off today and I’ve spent all morning googling the two week wait 🙈

So ladies we need something to fill our spare time up with right…

Apart from the housework, shopping all the usual day to day jobs. How about a hobby?!

I know your laughing to yourself because I even giggled as I wrote it… but don’t brush it off yet. I have never had a ‘hobby’ as such, and it doesn’t have to be a club or anything like that just basically something you enjoy doing to keep yourself busy 😊

I came across mine when we had just moved into the new apartment…

I wanted some nice prints for our walls in the house, something that had some meaning and what better way than to do it myself… so I got out the card and pens and started… only thing was I couldn’t stop, haha!

It became so therapeutic.

The geometric drawings fitted in so well with our new decor.

So I’ve placed the love heart above our bed and Reece’s name and the panda are in his room! Got to say I was pretty shocked how well they had turned out…..

And the whole time I was doing it I never once thought about us getting pregnant, so I’ve come across something I enjoy that keeps my mind at ease.

Hope you all find a hobby that keeps you from going baby crazy.

I’d love to hear what you do in your spare time.

• remember make some time for yourself •

bloated, clomid, multiple births, pregnancy, trying to concieve, two week wait, tww, vitamins, vitamins

It’s becoming a little weird

So instead of looking at clomid blogs and what’s best to do to conceive and all the other stories that make this process so much harder me and James have been thinking on a more positive note….

we’ve been thinking of baby names and looking at nursery pictures (which again James sends me ideas while I’m at work) see this is why I love this guy!!

Just to give us some hope and make it a bit more light hearted.

We have also been looking at people who conceive multiple births from using clomid. Which really excites me. You may all think I’m mad but the thought of having 2 little scrumptious babies melts my heart ( don’t get me wrong I’d be happy with one healthy baby)

So before I was born my dad and his previous partner (before my mum) had twin boys. Now I’ve heard all this it misses a generation etc but James read an article about it been a load of rubbish. So who knows??

On another note was at the dentist yesterday with Reece and randomly his dentist turned to me and said I think your going to have twins!!!! I mean what In the world!

Nobody knows that we are even trying for a baby never mind on clomid etc… I was in utter shock and rang James straight away.

It’s weird!!!

So chilling in bed last night flicking through Facebook talking to James about my day and one of them stupid quizzes comes up… ‘find out when you will fall pregnant’ …. well why not give it a go….

when this comes up…

I mean come on somebody is having my life right now!!! It’s either a massive coincidence or we better start preparing a massive lifestyle change.

• not thinking into too much… but praying at the same time •

bloated, clomid, pregnancy, trying to concieve, two week wait, tww, vitamins

The dreaded TWW!!

Wow never realised how frustrating and hard this two week wait would become.

For the previous year I have always tracked my cycle using the app on my phone and just prayed and waited that af didn’t show up!!

Now on our first round of clomid it has come apparent to us how difficult the TWW actually is… It is even playing on James’s mind. He keeps sending me all this information he’s googling while at work ❤️

I’m currently 5dpo and feel shattered! Not forgetting how bloated I am!!

This is the current state of affairs from yesterday while trying to fit in my jeans!! This really worries me about our 2nd round of clomid next month when the dose is upped to 100mg… will I double in size? Haha

So here we are… cd 18. For the past couple of days I have had some funny twinges in my right hand side (ovary) nothing painful just weird. Then today it has started on my left hand side?

I have also noticed that my back hurts… but it’s only on a morning and a night time I really notice it!

Other than that I feel ok… no headaches or sickness. Which I’m pretty happy about 😊

It’s very difficult having the hpt sat in the box and resisting from taking one, thing is we are so used to BFN that I’m not even going to bothering wasting our time.

• keep praying every night •