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A week till af due, irregular periods!!


Cd 20… according to my fertility app af should arrive in a week.

This may not happen in my case..if it’s late I won’t get excited as my periods are so irregular.

I’ve only been tracking my periods for the last year since we started trying to conceive and boy they sure know how to get my hopes up dont they!!

I will put some of the dates and length underneath so you get some idea of how crazy they can be….

feb – March 28days

April – may 38days

May – June 29days

August – September 41days

September – October 34days

October – November 38days

So there you go it’s pretty much like that for the whole year… here, there and everywhere. Fingers crossed clomid will regulate my periods and give us the chance of our little miracle.

We are also 8dpo today and I don’t feel too bad… still overly bloated (last night was worse than ever) twinges keep jumping back and forth from both ovaries.

Also this morning I woke up with very sore boobs… which is normal for me a week before af is due!! So I’m sure this time next week she will arrive.

I’m trying to be positive about it and keep my hopes up that at least clomid has worked and I ovulated which is a good start, and I mean we were never going to be the lucky ones that caught first time!

For the first time in my life I even prayed to god last night before I went to sleep 🙏🏼

So here’s to keeping the smile on our faces and enjoying life.

• everything happens at the right time •